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Nagara musical instrument

The nagara or naghara is the most widespread of the membranophone instruments. There are Turkish musical instruments · String instruments. The naqqāra, nagara or nagada is a Middle Eastern drum with a rounded back and a hide . The instrument is used to provide rhythms for vocal music and dance music. It is often combined with instruments such as duduki, buzika panduri, and. Nagara belongs to the percussion family of musical instruments. They are mostly used in Punjabi and Rajasthani folk music. It is an ancient drum brought in.

The nagara or nagada is a drum with a rounded back and a hide head, usually played in pairs. It is thus a membranophone of the kettle drum variety. Nagada (nagara) Is A Indian Traditional Musical Instrument Made Up Of A Iron Metallic Base And Buffalo Leather Over The Top For An Awesome Musical. included Nagara players as well as supporters of Rajasthani folk music. A larger problem within traditional music and their musical instruments in present.

The Nagara was donated nearly two centuries ago by Muthu Gounder. This photograph is from the ethnographical part of Turkestan Album, a comprehensive visual survey of Central Asia undertaken after imperial Russia assumed.