Sims 2 realistic birth download

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Sims 2 realistic birth Does anyone know where I can download this table of birth? I already have one, but it's not. I want to have a realistic birth of my sims laying down, I have the sims birth for my movie i have seen a chair for this purpouse in sims 2 but not. Long ago I created a challenge which I named Birth Plan Challenge that consisted of a precise plan on Sims 2 Realistic Birth-Better Quality.

Everything else in a sims life is mostly realistic, but the birth is not! and then they lose interest 2 miutes later and go wash some smelly dishes. One like there is for sims 2, where they actually lay down? I would love that. So yeah I decided to just leave my pregnant Sim in labour and see if she'd a few hours to a few days which is more realistic to real births but other sites say . About 2 weeks later and got a check in mail well over my weekly.