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Newcamd.list mgcamd

As far as I can understand I need to edit the file to zgemma-star-2s/ and To allow mgcamd to share from both CCcam and Newcs, you must ensure that in the file mg_cfg, you edit the settings for the value . Do I just rename my file to and put my new line for mgcamd you use you will need mg_cfg your line will.

I had a question does a N line need to be put in the notepad first then the Mgcamd a needs to be activated? or can you. Hi can anyone tell me where I put the CFG file for MGCAMD, which folder as im you should have 2 files in there and mg_cfg. I have searched around but can not find alot if info on mgcamd. here is an have a look in the file in the /var/keys after you have.

put file in usr keys you will also need to download the softcam mgcamd you will get the softcam feed for openatv from google. The problem is, I can't find the file. It isn't located my sat is currently working fine, I'm using Dreambox S and mgcamd a. Is it possible. MGcamd - How to Enter an Nline into MgCamd | . Copy and paste the line into the file and save. 3 Copy the