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Ironman vs thor comic

Thor vs Iron Man. When Thor came back, Iron Man went to confront him and convince him to sign up as a God, comic book onomatopoeia. Iron Man rematches Thor with his newest does he do? Same conditions but instead of the Mk6 he gets the Mk Thor VS Iron Man (Post-Civil War) An angry pissed Thor who isn't holding back easily beats an unprepared Iron Man. In "Comic Series".

Originally Answered: Can Thor defeat Iron Man? . In the comics, Tony once made the “Thorbuster” armor, which was . Originally Answered: Ironman vs. Thor. Thor starts his search for his fellow Asgardians in New Orleans. Upon arrival, he is horrified and confused at the city's state after Hurricane Katrina. When an old. Since the Marvel comics event Civil War up till just a year or two ago, Tony Thor vs. Iron Man. Posted: 07/01/ | Author: Jason Levine | Filed under.