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Bigfix action script

The scope of the Action Script language is to issue commands, named actions, from within Fixlets and tasks on relevant clients to fix the problem identified by the . an IBM BigFix shell command, called an action script. Although there are other ways to create scripts, the most powerful method is to use the IBM BigFix Action. Log on to the IBM BigFix Console as a Master Operator. Select Tools > Take Custom action. The Take action dialog pops up. At the top is a place to provide a .

BigFix Actions allow a console operator to take virtually any action on Fill in the Action Script with your custom action and use the other tabs to specify your. The following form can be used to convert your *Nix Shell Scripts into Action Script that can be pasted into a fixlet or task. Quick start guide for writing BigFix Relevance and Action Script - bigfix/authoring- guide.

The Action Script language is a scripting language created by BigFix, Inc. prior to being purchased by IBM, and is used by the. The way BigFix adds client settings when using the "Edit Computer Settings" mechanism is simply to use the action script command "setting". They are both packaged with an Action script that can resolve the issue with a When every BigFixClient in your network has been remediated, the Fixlet is no.