Spore dr pepper parts download

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Spore dr pepper parts

This patch was released for a US-only Dr. Pepper promotion. There is no changelog, but it is known to add 14 new "mech" creature parts. This patch was released for a US-only Dr. Pepper promotion. WARNING: The “patch ” is not an EA/Maxis product. On January 4th fucinantica.com announced there would be 14 new mech-style robot parts for the Creature Creator, provided as part of Patch After submitting a code, the Dr. Pepper website will sen to a page on the Spore website where the user will be able to download the parts pack and (if the user.

I missed the opportunity to get these legitimately because I wasn't drinking Dr. Pepper during the promotion window back in Entire books. Well what do you know, I have picked up 3 bottles of Dr. Pepper with the promotional code and installed the 14 Spore Mech Parts patch that. How would that patch add the parts to the GOG version? Do note that Spore saves data in several locations outside of its folder, under the Users . Apparently the Dr Pepper DLC is incompatible with Galactic Adventures.

I've finally decided to start playing Spore again. Yay! I've got the main game and C&C installed, but the link to the bot parts download.