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Acer explorer app

I have Acer Explorer already, but when I select tuturials or any of the app tiles, it does nothing but go back to the start screen. Is there some trick. Yesterday I received a pop up window on my computer stating "App Explorer has been updated to the latest version", a list of "updates", and. Acer Explorer helps you discover the programs and apps preloaded on your device, as well as special apps that you can download from the Windows Store.

I just had to uninstall Acer Explorer, something this computer never had and as far as I can tell Acer Explorer is a Win8 app (advertisement). Hello, I bought the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3, which arrived a few days ago. Also, stuff like the Windows Video app takes up a lot of space, and it seems to just be a store, so could I get rid of something Acer Explorer. App Explorer. Personalize your PC. App Explorer helps you choose the apps that come with your PC. Select from a collection of the best apps in the world, with.

I've just recently updated to Windows 10 from Windows I've encountered App Explorer, and it looks like just a listings of apps I can. No one actually likes the preloaded bloatware that comes installed on new Windows PCs, but if your computer is an Asus, Dell, Hewlett. From PCs made by Acer, get rid of these programs unless you're actively using them: Acer Ring, Acer Explorer, Social Jogger, Netflix,Spotify,7Digital Dell PCs can be rid of Dell Backup and Recovery and the Amazon App.